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Ray Kennewell

A licensed real estate professional with 20+ years’ experience in property development and sales, Ray Kennewell brings to Kerri’s Coastal Realty a wealth of knowledge about real estate, management, training, staff motivation and support, not to mention an excellent understanding of the property market and the needs of clients and customers.
Ray is an experienced company director, with a background in construction and property development that includes fifteen years at the helm of one of Newcastle, NSW’s most respected construction companies. In 1999 he and Kerri established a highly respected and successful Century 21 real estate office in Port Stephens, NSW, running that business for almost 10 years before making the move to Tasmania.
In late 2016 Ray and Kerri launched their independent, boutique real estate sales business, Kerri’s Coastal Realty.

Skye Kennewell

Skye Kennewell brings a creative and fresh approach to the way Kerri’s Coastal Realty markets and sells property, drawing on a diverse set of skills and experience. Growing up in a ‘real estate family’, Skye has developed a unique understanding of, and appreciation for the real estate industry, and for the role that it plays in the lives of our clients and customers.
Having the advantage of both a legal and a creative education (completing a Bachelor of Laws/Arts at Newcastle University in 2002, followed by a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2005), Skye pursued a career in customer-centric and project management roles in the finance and automotive industries before joining her parents in launching Kerri’s Coastal Realty in 2016.
For Skye, being part of the establishment and growth a truly family-owned and operated real estate business on the east coast of Tasmania, one with a sound reputation for client and customer satisfaction, is a constant source of pride and enjoyment.

Kerri Kennewell

Kerri Kennewell is an award-winning real estate professional with almost 20 years’ experience in the property industry. After a successful early career in high school arts education, Kerri turned her attention to real estate, establishing a highly respected and successful office with worldwide real estate sales organization Century 21, personally achieving consistent rankings in the top 2% of sales people within the organization worldwide.

After almost 10 years at the helm of their successful Century 21 office in coastal NSW, Kerri, along with husband Ray made the move to northeast Tasmania in pursuit of unique and outstanding property opportunities. Joining Roberts Real Estate in 2008 as a senior property consultant, Kerri progressed within that organization to manage the St Helens branch and gained recognition and multiple awards.

In late 2016 Ray and Kerri launched their independent, boutique real estate sales business, Kerri’s Coastal Realty.